Designer's Gallery Software FAQs

All software in the Designer's Gallery family will be retired as of December 31, 2019. Although we will no longer provide new updates and upgrades, customers will continue to receive product support through Dec 31st, 2020. Please refer to the FAQ below for more information.

FAQs Regarding Designer's Gallery Retirement

What does the retirement of Designer's Gallery Products mean for me?

Designer's Gallery will no longer provide new updates or upgrades of the software.

What products are being retired?

The active product lineup as of December 31, 2019. These include FontWorks, Quilt LabelWorks, Creator 1, 2, 3, Studio III, MonogramWorks, EmbroideryWorks Everyday, EmbroideryWorks Advanced, and AirStitch.

Do you have products available that are comparable to Designer's Gallery?

Yes! We have Palette 11 software that we are confident will meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Contact your local retailer today to learn more about all your software options!

Why are you retiring the software?

Technology continually evolves and we want to ensure we are providing the most current level of software technology to our consumers.

Will you continue to host Designer's Gallery webinars?

No, we will not host new webinars, but you will continue to be able to access and join the Designer's Gallery Facebook group. This is a great community to ask questions and get inspiration. You can also access classes at

General FAQs

I had to reformat my hard drive (or I bought a new computer) and now I need to reload my Designer's Gallery programs from scratch. Do I need my original disks or can I just download the latest updates and install them? How do I do this?

First, you will need to install the programs from your original CDs. You will also need the serial number(s) for those programs that require them. Finish by downloading the most current version of each program you own from the Designer's Gallery download page and install. Contact Designer's Gallery Support if you need installation help.

How do I know what my project skill level is?

Beginner: projects use basic software and sewing techniques. Images and detailed explanations will walk you through the project from start to finish. Create the design in your Designer's Gallery software with ease, then sew it on a ready-made garment or follow an easy pattern to create the item with your fabrics. Use these projects to build confidence in your software and sewing abilities, such as simple seams, buttons and zippers.

Intermediate: assumes basic understanding and builds on these skills. Fewer images and less detailed explanations are used for basic applications. Create embroidery designs with more advanced tools built into the software programs and sew on more difficult fabrics. Use more advanced sewing techniques, such as seams, multiple pieces, layering, cutwork and applique.

Advanced: draws on a greater understanding of the program. Create designs and try an involved feature in a non-traditional application. As a confident sewer, these projects will test your abilities for sewing and your understanding of the software programs. The instructions are provided to walk you through step-by-step, but icon location and name may be assumed. Typically these projects take longer to sew and have more steps within the software program.

Are there video classes available to help me learn how to use the Designer's Gallery Software?

Yes, there are a number of videos available on our SEWED website, depending on what feature you're looking to learn about. Visit

AirStitch FAQs

My SD card isn't working, what should I do?

Make sure you are connected to your wireless network.

If you are not able to connect to your network please confirm the wireless password is entered correctly.

If you are confident the password is correct but you are still not able to connect to the network please contact your supplier for connection assistance. (IE: ATT Uverse, Charter, Comcast, CenturyLink, etc...)

If you are connected to your network and your SD card is still not working please visit your local retailer for assistance.

I repeatedly get an error stating "drive is not mounted", what should I do?

Ensure you are in range of your network.

Ensure you have the latest version of the AirStitch software installed. To check this you can visit the update section of the website. Make sure you are connected to your wireless network.

If you are still not able to connect please confirm the wireless password is entered correctly.

If you've tried all of the above and confirm they are accurate, check to see if your FlashAir is connected to your network. There are a couple of steps in the connection process before it's fully on the network. The FlashAir will only tell you if all of them have completed. The card needs to be reinserted after configuration so the changes will be picked up.

If you have exhausted the options above, please contact your network supplier.

Where do I find my SSID number?

The Service Set Identifier (SSID) number can be found on your router or in the settings of your router.

Studio III FAQs

I am having trouble printing a full size template when using Studio Plus. Is there something I can do to correct this?

Because of the large size of available embroidery fields, it is possible that you would be printing a template larger than a normal letter size piece of paper. To correct this, simply change the paper size selected in your printer's properties. You can access the printer properties using the button in the Studio Print box.

How do I view and use designs from more than one folder in Studio III?

Launch Studio III. Browse the desired folder to locate the design. Select it and send it to layout using the button on the toolbar. Minimize layout. Select a new folder and find the desired design. Select and send it to layout. Continue this process until you have sent all the desired designs to layout. Click the layout button in the taskbar to maximize layout. Click the next button in the layout toolbar to bring the designs into layout. They are now ready to be placed on the design page creating your unique design.

When I have made changes to a design in Studio III, is there a way to identify the changed design?

Your design file name should display these changes. For example, if you have added a baste file to the design, you will see "+basting" added to the file name. If you do not see this, you may need to update your Studio III.

I created my original catalog using StudioPlus. Can I view this catalog ( folder) through Studio III?

In Studio III preferences, select the catalog path tab and click browse. Then, from the look in menu, you want to selelct C:/program files/BabyLock/Designer's Gallery/ Finally, click open to set this path. Click apply and you can close this. Following this path C:/My documents/Designer's Gallery/ will take you back to your Studio III catalog.