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StudioPlus FAQs

Can I still buy ColorWorks to add to my Designer's Gallery Studio?

This question has a good news/bad news answer. First the bad news, ColorWorks has been retired for quite some time and is no longer available for purchase. Now the good news, since so many Studio users also purchased ColorWorks it was added to StudioPlus®. If you are an original Studio user, you can purchase the upgrade to Studio III® which included ColorWorks along with all the new layout and thread conversion features. But, be sure you to update your Studio program to the most current before installing Studio III.

What file or files do I have to backup in when I've added to my catalog in Designer's Gallery StudioPlus? You never know when you may have a computer glitch?

To back up the Studio Plus catalog, locate the "catalog.bl" a file on your hard In your Studio Preferences, the "Catalog Path" tab will have the path (or location) of this file. Simply make a copy of the file and save to a CD or other media for safe keeping. Also be sure you backup the design files as well. When you restore the designs (after a crash recovery) remember to install the files in the same drives/folders where they were originally installed otherwise the location on the drive won't match the location in your catalog file.

I have just updated my Designer's Gallery StudioPlus for Vista compatibility. The Studio help files work as they should. However, I am unable to open the help files for DensityWorks, HoopWorks, and SizeWorks. Will there be an update to correct this?

This problem affects the help files from a variety of programs. Microsoft has addressed this problem and made an update available for you to download and install. Our QA team has downloaded and tested this update with the Designer's Gallery software products to be certain it is compatible with our programs. For your convenience use the link below: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/917607

I have updated my Designer's Gallery and now my machine doesn't seem to be able to read the designs. What's wrong?

You need to make sure that all your software is the most current version. This is also true of your machine software. Make sure that your machine is also the most current version. You will find information on how to check this and the updates available on the download page of the Baby Lock website.

When I use any of the tools in Designer's Gallery, the designs appear as floppy disk images in Designer's Gallery. What could be causing this?

Make sure that you have your workspace or your Temporary Folder on. This will ensure that Designer's Gallery has a place to save your work so you see your design and not the floppy disk image.

I have just updated my Designer's Gallery and now my Palette version 4.0 can not read any of the files that I create in this program. What went wrong?

Nothing has gone wrong. There are a couple of options added to allow Designer's Gallery to work with all the Palette versions and features. These options are Convert using PES version 5 with real thread colors and Convert 180mm x 130mm designs with PES version 6.0. These are version specific options so make sure you have the correct option checked for your Palette version.

My Elegant Flowers card will not read in my Palette version 5.61. Why is that?

All Baby Lock disk packs created after BLDP8 were created as version 6.0 files and can not be read in the earlier Palette versions.

If you are using a version higher than 5, then both Palette versions 5 & 6 may have trouble reading these files. Check to see if you have a save as option that will allow you to save this as an earlier version. Please contact us again if you continue to have problems.

I am having trouble opening some designs in Palette 5.61 that should fit in the design page size. Is there something else I should be looking at?

If these files are opened or edited in Palette version 6.0 they may not open in version 5.61. That is because version 6.0 can use the expanded thread Palette. Palette version 5.61 can not read the expanded thread palette creating a file version Palette 5.61 can't read.

When I double click on my files in Designer's Gallery it doesn't open my Palette software.

  • Go into Control Panel and select Tools, then Folder Options, next select File Types
  • Scroll down to PES Layout & Editing
  • Select Advance (select change with WinXP)
  • Select Edit
  • Browse - go to C: Palette and select
  • Embedit
  • Select ok
  • Select ok
  • Select Close

Then go into Designer's Gallery and select PES Association and your Current Association should be c:\Program Files\Babylock\palette Ver5\embedit.exe

If you do not have Palette Ver5 it will list the current version that you have installed on your computer.

This should correct your problem with PES Association.

Can text be edited through Designer's Gallery/SizeWorks when first typed in on the Ellageo and then saved to a floppy disk? Why would it not show up on a floppy?

The Ellegante is like the Ellageo in that it doesn't save the stitch data when it saves to the floppy. It only saves the retrieval information. The same is true of the built-in frame patterns. Designer's Gallery can only read designs saved and you need to make sure that both the machine and software have been updated to the latest versions.