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Studio III FAQs

Is there a program out there that will allow me to do simple combining of designs?

Studio III is now available. Using the built-in layout feature you can combine two or more designs in a design page for that "get it done in a hurry" design.

I am having trouble printing a full size template when using Studio Plus. Is there something I can do to correct this?

Because of the large size of available embroidery fields, it is possible that you would be printing a template larger than a normal letter size piece of paper. To correct this, simply change the paper size selected in your printer's properties. You can access the printer properties using the button in the Studio Print box.

How do I view and use designs from more than one folder in Studio III?

Launch Studio III. Browse the desired folder to locate the design. Select it and send it to layout using the button on the toolbar. Minimize layout. Select a new folder and find the desired design. Select and send it to layout. Continue this process until you have sent all the desired designs to layout. Click the layout button in the taskbar to maximize layout. Click the next button in the layout toolbar to bring the designs into layout. They are now ready to be placed on the design page creating your unique design.

When I have made changes to a design in Studio III, is there a way to identify the changed design?

Your design file name should display these changes. For example, if you have added a baste file to the design, you will see "+basting" added to the file name. If you do not see this, you may need to update your Studio III.

I created my original catalog using StudioPlus. Can I view this catalog (catalog.bl folder) through Studio III?

In Studio III preferences, select the catalog path tab and click browse. Then, from the look in menu, you want to selelct C:/program files/BabyLock/Designer's Gallery/catalog.bl. Finally, click open to set this path. Click apply and you can close this. Following this path C:/My documents/Designer's Gallery/catalog.bl will take you back to your Studio III catalog.