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QuiltWorks FAQs

Where can I find images to use in my QuiltWorks program?

This is where having Designer's Gallery Studio comes in handy! With Designer's Gallery Studio you can convert embroidery designs into images that can be used in QuiltWorks. This greatly increases your creative options with the embroidery designs you already own! You can also purchase clip art CD's from your local office supply store. Be sure to check the licensing and any special use limitations before purchasing.

Stitch selection and default selections in QuiltWorks

QuiltWorks gives you the capability to select a single run, double run, bean, and motif stitches to your creation. When using the run tool and a motif stitch is selected QuiltWorks 1.3 will keep and default to that stitch selection until a new motif stitch is selected. This is because QuiltWorks is going to assume you are going to create more than one line of stitching to create your design. However, when you use the outline wizard, it will default to a double run and the motif default is the first in the list.

Using the Magic Wand in QuiltWorks and MasterWorks

The Magic Wand is a very helpful tool that is included in both QuiltWorks and MasterWorks. With just click of your mouse it can give you the outline necessary to create appliqué, red work or full embroidery designs if you are using MasterWorks. When using this tool there is one thing to keep in mind, the closer you zoom in on the area you wish to select, the better your final result will be.

I have installed the QuiltWorks II trial version from my full QuiltWorks version 1. It has expired and I can't use my QuiltWorks. What can I do?

To get back to your previous version of QuiltWorks, you will need to uninstall and reinstall your original version of QuiltWorks. Remember to also install any available updates. Your current serial number should not be affected so you should not need to re-enter it.

I downloaded and installed the update for Quiltworks, which I purchased last year. Now when I open it, it displays my serial number and a message stating that I have 15 more days to use it and to contact my dealer. What should I do?

Make sure you have downloaded the update for QuiltWorks I and not the QuiltWorks II trial. If you installed the trial for QuiltWorks II, by all mean use the trial until it expires. Then, simply uninstall the QuiltWorks II trial and reinstall your original QuiltWorks. Download and install the latest update from the Designer's Gallery website to ensure you re using the most current version. Your current serial number should not be affected.

My QuiltWorks program doesn't show all of the screen, I've tried checking my desktop properties and I have the correct resolution and DPI settings, what else can I check?

Right mouse click on the QuiltWorks desktop shortcut and select the compatibility tab from the menu. Remove the check mark from the run in 640x480 resolution option.

All of a sudden I no longer see my guide rulers along the edges of my design area in QuiltWorks II. How can I get these back?

First, try rebooting your computer and check to see if the guide rulers are back. If that doesn't bring them back, then go into the C:\Program Files\Babylock\QuiltWorks\CFG.ini file and check that the guideruler setting is set to 1. If not, change this setting to 1 and the grid rulers should reappear.