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MasterWorks Lite FAQs

I have a Windows 7 Operating system and when installing from the install CD I receive an error message and the software will not install. Do you have an update that is compatible for MasterWorks Lite that is compatible with Windows 7?

If you have a version of Windows 7 Operating System, do not use the installation CD that came with your software. Please follow the directions below for MasterWorks Lite installation.

1. Go to www.designersgallerysoftware.com and click on Support/FAQ.
2. Click on Product Updates/Downloads link to take you to the update page.
3. Go to MasterWorks Lite update and download the latest version to a designated folder on your hard drive. (Build 2107 is the latest version)
4. Double click on the download to start the installation of MasterWorks Lite.
5. Follow all instruction for the installation.
6. Enjoy your MasterWorks Lite software program.