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MasterWorks II FAQS

I was working on a design and the satin stitching that goes around the design has fallen apart. How do I fix this?

By Moving the Start and Stop Beads to different locations, will allow the satin stitching to smoothly go around the design.



Does MasterWorks II have the same fonts as LetterWorks III?

No, MasterWorks II doesn't have the same fonts as several LetterWorks III fonts are exclusive to it. MasterWorks II does however, have the same fonts as LetterWorks II®, as well as the ability to convert True Type® fonts into digitized lettering.

I have auto digitized a design in MasterWorks and when I sew it out, I have gaps in my design. What do I do?

There could be several things happening:

  • The fabric you are sewing the design on is not appropriate for the design
  • The fabric needs more stabilization.
  • The recipe needs to be changed for the type of fabric the design will be digitized on.
  • The Pull Compensation may need to be adjusted higher
  • Underlay needs to be added to the design.
  • All of these things can help fix the registration of the digitizing. You will need to work with each one individually to see what best fits your design.

I forgot to bring my MasterWorks II security device to class, will my MasterWorks II open?

If you have not used the 30-day trial period for MasterWorks II, then your program will open as a trial. You will have complete functions of the program, including the ability to save your design. But, remember, once you have used the program for 30 days without the security device, the program will then only open if you have the security device attached. The 30 day trial period does not have to be 30 consecutive days, so if you forget your security device for class a time or two, you should be okay.

It is hard to get to the USB ports on my computer - is there an easier way to plug-in and remove my MasterWorks II security device from my computer?

Yes, we recommend using a USB extension cable. This will allow you to easily plug-in and remove your MasterWorks II security device. It will also reduce excessive wear on the device from pulling it in and out of a hard-to-reach USB port on your computer.

When filling a shape with a fancy fill, I want to change the fancy fill size to 50% and the angle to 45%. I successfully change the size to 50%, but, when I apply the angle to the fancy fill, the size goes back to default size. Why does this happen? Can I not do both in the same fill at the same time?

You are only able to apply emboss scale or emboss angle to the fancy fill. You cannot apply both at the same time.

Can I use lettering from MasterWorks II in designs I create in MasterWorks II and sell them or give them away?

You can make lettering only designs and and give them away or sell them.

However, you cannot use designs that have come with the software, add lettering and give them away or sell them. These are dirivative products of the software. As well, you cannot use other designs that you have purchased, add lettering and give them away or sell them since they are derivative products as well.

You can use a design that you have created yourself in the software, with our without lettering and give it away or sell it.

How long will you provide MasterWorks II dongle support?

Support will be provided through September, 5 2019.