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HoopWorks FAQs

I am trying to split an 8" X 8" design into 2 sections. The problem I am having is the program is reducing it to fit into a smaller hoop. What do I do to correctly stop this from happening so that I can maintain the size of the design and split it as desired?

With the design open in HoopWorks, select the original option found under view. Then, select the hoop you want to use when this design is split. As long as the hoop is large enough to accommodate the size of the design, the design will be split with no reduction in the size.

Is upgrading to MasterWorks II a complicated process since it is switching from the serial number registration to a security device?

No, all you need to do is take your serial number to your dealer. You will then be able to purchase MasterWorks II at the special upgrade price. Note that once you have submitted your serial number to your dealer and purchased your upgrade, your serial number will no longer be valid.

I'm using CustomWorks. How do I save my split file from HoopWorks?

Click here to download the "how to" instructions.