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Masterworks III FAQs

What does the retirement of MasterWorks III mean for me?

This means that Designer’s Gallery will no longer provide updates or upgrades of the software.

If I need help with the MasterWorks III program will you be able to assist me?

Yes! Our customer support team will be available to assist you with MasterWorks III issues through September 5, 2019 (excluding issues related directly to the responsibility of the licensee).

If I get a new computer and need to re-activate my MasterWorks III will someone be able to help me?

Yes! Our customer support team will be able to assist in re-activations through September 5, 2019.

Do you have products available that are comparable to my MasterWorks III?

Yes! We have a plethora of products to meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Contact your local retailer today to learn more!