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DensityWorks FAQs

Do I need to run all designs through DensityWorks?

It really depends on how the design is going to be used. I would recommend looking at each design using the density map before stitching it out. From there it will depend on how you plan to use this design. Sweatshirts and blue jeans can support more density than batiste or organza. No matter where you are using the design, you want to avoid large red sections seen when using the density map. Keep in mind however, that in order to have the depth and texture in some designs a bit of red area may be necessary. If you are using the design on fine batiste or organza, you will most likely need to reduce some of the density unless the design was made specifically for this type fabric.

Do I need any other programs to use DensityWorks?

No, DensityWorks is now a stand-alone program. However, if you have StudioPlus, StudioIII or CustomWorks I or II it will still integrate or dock into those programs.