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CustomWorks FAQs

Using the .blf file

If you have updated your CustomWorks program you will notice that now have a folder named "Working file". This is where your new .blf files will be stored. The .blf files are files that will allow you to re-open a file in either LetterWorks or CustomWorks and do additional editing or make changes to the file. These files are created for editing purposes only and can not be read or opened in Designer's Gallery Studio Plus.

I'm using CustomWorks. How do I save my split file from HoopWorks?

Click here to download the "how to" instructions. [PDF file]

I really like using the color palette and the sequence view I have in my QuiltWorks II. Is there any way to get the same control bar into my CustomWorks?

Yes, click here and you will be taken to the download page of the Designer’s Gallery website. Select the New CustomWorks update. This will give you the same control panel used in many of the Designer’s Gallery programs. Note that this update will be necessary if you choose to purchase the upgrade to LetterWorks III.

I was told that CustomWorks is compatible with Palette version 4.0. However, my Palette version 4.0 can not read any of the files that I create in this program. Was I given incorrect information?

No the information you were given is correct. There are a couple of options added to allow CustomWorks to work with all the Palette versions and features. These options are Convert using PES version 5 with real thread colors and Convert 180mm x 130mm designs with PES version 6.0. These are version specific options so make sure you have the correct option checked for your Palette version. You can find the check boxes for these options under the preferences found in the "tools" drop down menu and then selecting advanced.

Can I view and open zipped files in CustomWorks?

Yes, you can. Click on File, then Open File. Locate and select the zipped file and click on Open. A dialog will appear with a list of the designs within the zipped file.

With Preview box checked, you can then view the design by clicking on it. Select the file you wish to open and click OK.