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CardWorks FAQs

How can I prevent having to reinstall the driver for the CardWorks box?

To help prevent having to reinstall the driver for your CardWorks box, be sure to turn off your USB device so it is safe to remove it from the USB port. The icon to do this can be found in the notification area of your task bar. Simply click on the icon and you will be prompted with the steps to take to ensure it is safe to remove the CardWorks box from your system. Be sure to do this each time you finish working with the CardWorks box.

How do I get to and use the bonus designs included with the Interactive collections?

Open any of the Designer's Gallery Interactive collections. From there, simply select the "Design Frame" at the top of the "Selection Window" on the right side of the screen. Then click the "Designs" icon in the toolbar. This will change the items in the "Selection Window" to the design selections. To play these designs in a frame, select your design, and then select the "Project" icon from the toolbar and your design will be taken to the project section. Select a frame for your design. There are a variety of frames found in the Interactive Collections.