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Designer's Gallery softwareDesigner's Gallery software is an embroiderer's dream come true for adding organization, creativity and unlimited possibilities to every project. These software platforms, plug-in tool packs, digitizing software and interactive design collections provide home embroiderers with the exact software features they've been looking for.

Designer's Gallery software began in 1999, when Baby Lock team members met with a software developer to discuss the challenges that home embroiderers were facing. At the time, most home embroidery software came from difficult-to-use commercial packages that had been "downgraded" for home use, and most machines required expensive software to run their machines. Users were frustrated with the difficulty in both using software and finding software that was compatible for their home machines.

In February 2000, Baby Lock released "Designer's Gallery", a program designed with industry advances to help embroiderers complete common tasks. In early 2001, Baby Lock released an additional program, "ColorWorks". Embroiders were thrilled to discover how easy embroidery software could be and were eager for more problem-solving programs. With each click of a mouse, embroiderers found less challenges and more possibilities.

Following the success of the first programs, Designer's Gallery became the brand name for this new software line, and other programs for digitizing, sizing, hoop splitting and editing were soon released. This innovative brand has even created the world's first series of interactive design collections. Known for their quality, novelty and ease of use, Designer's Gallery programs have changed embroidery, both in the industry and for embroiderers at home.

From complete design management and digitizing to specific features such as sizing, splitting or lettering, this easy-to-use embroidery software suite has exactly the right choices for any home embroiderer. And, Designer's Gallery Software products are compatible with all of today's most popular embroidery machine formats. Designer's Gallery embroidery software products are sold exclusively through Baby Lock retailers.