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StudioPlus Update

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StudioPlus Update
Version 2.58

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Added: 10/2/2008

StudioPlus Update

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StudioPlus™ Update
Version 2.58

Added: 10/2/2008

Instructions for Download

  1. Download file, saving it to your hard drive.

  2. Locate the saved file on your hard drive.

  3. Double click on the file.

  4. Print and follow the instructions to load the update.

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Update Includes

  • Vista 64 bit compatible

  • Better handling of LetterWorks III monograms; designs no longer rotate when viewing them in Studio Plus

  • Applique colors now stay as they should when saving back from ColorWorks

  • Improved .hus color reading

  • Better handing of LetterWorks II files when saving back to Studio Plus; the lettering now maintains the placement

Version History

Version 2.57 features:

  • Improved color recognition of appliqué steps in .PES files

  • Design colors no longer lost when saving a file from SizeWorks

  • Improved MA Rayon colors reading

  • Improved GU Dekor colors reading

  • Updated VP3 format handling

  • Fixed Palette 5 files where an occasional color change was omitted

Version 2.56 features:

  • Windows Vista compatible

  • Reads .art version 1-3, .emb version 1-6, .jef+, and VP3 files

  • Writes VP3

  • Help system updated with new images to looks the same as the manual

  • Associated .art, .emb, .jef+ with .pes colors for better handling in ColorWorks.

  • Corrected VP3 return from SizeWorks and DensityWorks.

Version 2.55 features:

  • Windows Vista 32 bit compatible

  • Reads .art version 1-3, .emb version 1-6, .jef+, and VP3 files

  • Writes VP3

  • Help system updated with new images to looks the same as the manual

Version 2.53 features:

  • Enhanced 3D color view

  • Added Madeira thread colors

  • Updated platform for CardWorks launch button

  • Improved handling of jump stitches with .dst file conversions

  • Adds Palette version 7.0 to the file association menu

Version 2.52 features:

  • Enhanced 3D color view

  • Added Madiera thread colors

  • Updated platform for CardWorks launch button

Version 2.48 features:

  • Fixes PES 5.6 read error where the colors were off by 1 if both of the first two colors were black. (bug that was introduced in 2.47)

  • XXX files now read in with PSW's version of Sulky Rayon colors.

Version 2.47 features:

  • Preferences/Conversion: Added check box for "Convert 180mm x 300mm designs with PES 6.0" to be able to write designs for use with Ellegante.

  • Added Install dialog to choose your Palette version.

  • Updated "PES association" (in Edit menu)

  • Can read single PHC files from the Ellegante.

Version 2.45 features (May 2004):

  • Upgrade for new ColorWorks feature; user-defined PES threads now pass through to toolpacks

Version 2.44 features (April 2004):

  • .DST write improved

  • The Notes Tool now adds thread matching for four popular brands

  • Palette 5 supported in PES association dialog

  • Some PES 5 colors corrected

  • .PHC support updated

  • Color sort updated for PES 5 designs

  • .JEF extension made to lowercase

  • Stitch counts in preview show trims separately for PES 5 designs

Version 2.43 features:

  • Ability to write PES v. 5 files. This allows ColorWorks to use 2000 thread colors for PES 5. It also allows large designs to be used successfully on the 6-needle EMP6 Embroidery Professional

  • The Notes Tool now adds thread matching for four popular brands

  • A Needle Reduction tool has been added

  • Preference added for PES conversions ensure PES trim and tie-off

  • All PES files will be placed on the smallest Design Page for their size

  • .PHB (new format) and .PHC version 3 and version 4 read-only added

  • .SEW/.JEF Centering improved when working through multiple tools

  • .PCS keeps RBG colors through conversions, plus centers in PCD Win

  • .DST files now include trim commands (4) before jumps

Version 2.41 features:

  • Adds .SHV Mega Hoop support

  • Fixes the Microsoft Windows 95!" message - Oleacc.dll not found

Version 2.40 features:

  • Designer's Gallery LetterWorks® support added.

  • Workspace renamed to Temp.

  • My Original Designs Folder added.

  • SHV file type added.

  • PCS improved handling with newer software.

  • PCS rgb thread colors added.

  • PES version 5 real thread colors read.

  • PES appliquÈ colors available to conversions.

  • PES V.4 Optional colors available to V.4 conversions.

Version 2.32 features:

  • Palette 5. 5.0 and Ellageo? adjustment for increased compatibility.

Version 2.31 features:

  • Adjusted VIP and JEF file formats for better performance

Version 2.30 features:

  • The new name, "Studio," added to the title bar

  • Fix PES 4.x format read to handle text items

  • Singer PSW .XXX format now sends Sulky rayon colors to ColorWorks

  • Added read/write conversion preferences to now support software that can view hoops in both .VIP Husqvarna and Viking/Pfaff

  • "Find File" now has automatic and manual modes, and can look in .zips

  • Create, Rename and Delete folder commands added to pop-up menu in the Browse window

  • "Safety" window added to help prevent accidental "C:\" clicks in the Browse window

  • Jump stitches can now be turned on and off for printing