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Spend more time embroidering instead of hunting for designs by easily organizing your entire design library. This complete design management platform allows you to quickly catalog designs and instantly find them later. It is a must have embroidery software program for every embroiderer.

Complete Design Organization with Studio III

  • Catalogs artwork files, inspiration images and embroidery designs
  • Browse designs, images and text files, even in Zip folders
  • Keeps track of designs and remembers where you put them
  • Manages CDs, floppy disks and USB drives, and remembers what files are on each disk
  • Automatically create design notes about embroidery files
  • Includes easy File Management tools for adding, deleting, and renaming folders and files

Convert Your Designs to Your Format

  • Convert designs to and from most home embroidery formats
  • Convert a design to a bitmap file for re-digitizing, or for use on the web

Ultimate Color Control with ColorWorks

  • Add / Remove / Adjust order of colors and color stops
  • Watch simulated stitching with forward or backward views
  • Adjust the colors in a design, even matching threads
  • Manually sort and rearrange the color sequence

Quick Design Management Tools

  • Color Sort saves time by reducing the number of thread changes in designs
  • Auto Baste adds a color stop to the start of a design that bastes the rectangular outline of the design
  • Centers designs automatically
  • Estimate the thread usage of designs
  • Reduces the number of separate colors in a design
  • Convert complete designs into specific thread brands
  • Prints in 3D as well as a separate color page and crosshairs to aid in design placement

System Requirements

  • IBM Compatible PC, Pentium II
  • 32 MB of RAM (64 MB RAM suggested)
  • 30 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or Later Version
  • SVGA Monitor (1024 X 768), 16-bit high color or better
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • CD ROM drive
  • Download the update for Vista 64 bit compatibility
  • Windows 7 Home 32bit
    Windows 7 Premium 32bit
    Windows 7 Home 64bit
    Windows 7 Premium 64bit