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MasterWorks Lite Update

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MasterWorks Lite Update
Version 1 (build 2411)

Windows™ Vista 32bit, Windows™ Vista 64bit, Windows™ XP, Windows™ 2000

Added: 6/28/2011

MasterWorks Lite Update

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MasterWorks™ Lite Update Version 1 (build 2411)

Added: 6/28/2011

Instructions for Download

  1. Download file, saving it to your hard drive.

  2. Locate the saved file on your hard drive.

  3. Double click on the file.

  4. Print and follow the instructions to load the update.

Download here

Update Includes

NOTE: If you have installed the build 2409 update, this update is needed to replace artwork files.

  • To open the fly-out menu, click on the arrow just below the icon. In the past, clicking on the icon opened the fly-out menu.

  • To close a design page, an "X" has been placed on the design page tab.

  • The file name is now displayed on the design page tab after the file has been saved.

  • Palette 9 hoops have been added to the PES hoop list.

  • Added a check box for Multi Needle machines. This changes the hoop list for the 6 and 10 needle embroidery machines.

  • Added Creative Notions Thread chart.

  • Added Floriani thread chart.

  • To ensure proper hoop orientation, you now have the ability to save a file as a PES v9 file in Multi Needle as well as PES v9.

  • A file can now be saved for the 360 x 360mm Jumbo hoop for the Enterprise 10 Needle embroidery machine (BNT10). The file can then be opened in HoopWorks Stand Alone and split for the jumbo hoop. The file maximum size will be 350 x 350mm.

  • When applying Appliqué to a custom shape, thread colors from the selected thread chart will now show.

  • A message now appears asking if you wish to save the file as a .blf, as you close the design page. If you have saved the file as a .blf, this message will not appear.

  • Hoop information is now displayed in the status bar along the bottom of the design page.

  • ART 5.0 and ART 6.0 files can now be read.

  • Font Language Help has been added to the Help menu. This will show the available keystroke information for the foreign fonts.

  • When opening the Font flyout listing, a font preview appears when selecting the different fonts in Normal text mode.

  • Changed default heights in some fonts:

    • Hellenic Mega Strong Font: Changed default height to match recommended size: 117.5mm.

    • Hellenic Strong Font: Set default height to 76.2mm.

    • Varsity Two Color Font: Set default height to 35mm.

Version History

Build 2107

  • Color match on loading option added to Preferences. (Default is set to "off" when installed.) This can be checked on so when a design file is opened the colors will match the selected color palette. Exceptions are .dst, .exp, .pcs, and .xxx files that do not contain color information. BLF files will open with the colors they were generated with.

  • Added Baby Lock tab to the preferences which contains hoop information with color count and stitch count for the selected hoop.

  • When saving a .pes design, if it will not fit in the PES1 frame a warning is given. You then have the option to save anyway or cancel and change the design size. If you choose save anyway, the .pes format is automatically increased to a version that will accommodate the size of the design.

  • Improved thread color reading at the machine.

  • Madeira Thread Chart saves as Madeira Rayon in .pes files.

  • Updated the machine hoop list.

  • Added additional thread charts to the color palette.

  • Able to save.pes files in the version 7 & 8 formats.

  • Reads .pcs files created from 4D Software.

  • Both .jef and .pcs files now split at a higher stitch count.

  • Improved colors when viewing files in 3D.

Build 2025

  • Vista 64 bit compatible

  • UAC compliancy with Vista 32 and 64 bit Operating systems

    • You will no longer need to turn off the User Access Control while using the software

  • PES MA Thread Chest color palette, the Madeira Thread Chest color palette, has been added to the Color Palette, and is now the default color palette. Color names have also been added to correspond to the Madeira Thread Chest. If you use MA Thread Chest to color a design and save in PES6 format, the PES file will contain Madeira Rayon thread colors.

  • Hemmingworth thread chart added to the Color Palette, these values will be saved in the BLF format and will cannot be displayed in the PES format in order to know your Hemmingworth thread numbers, print a template before closing the design page.

  • Read/write VP3 format and VIP thread charts added to the color palette

  • Motifs will apply right-side up in object

  • Gradient fill in an object will no longer flip when using the transform tab to rotate the design

  • Recipes updated with new Stabilizer names

  • Denim recipe has been removed from the Recipe listing

  • Ability to read Palette 8 files

  • JEF format will now split at larger stitch counts

  • A 300 x 200 design will maintain their orientation when opened on the BMP8

  • Overwriting an existing file on a hard drive or external drive will no longer shut down the program

  • Stray stitches in appliqué shapes have been removed

  • 100 x 180 and 200 x 200 hoop sizes have been added to the PES hoop list

  • Gradient color blend issues with similar colors fixed (example: 14k gold and penny)

  • Underlay tab removed from Gradient fill.

  • Grid settings improved to handle changes between Metric and English