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MasterWorks III

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Create an embroidery design collection filled with the crisp, beautifully digitized designs you desire. MasterWorks III digitizing software makes it easy to transform all your line-art and images into embroidery designs.

MasterWorks III

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  • MasterWorks III
Access the tools you need through the bold, new interface. Select and customize fill stitches, add and modify lettering, and give your designs a unique look with specialty features and arrangements. Discover digitizing power that makes it easy to create the designs of your dreams!

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FREE HoopWorks now included with MasterWorks III.

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Go from clip art to wall art

  • Have you found a simple design you would like to make more elegant? It’s easy to convert vector images to beautiful embroidery. Import your design to MasterWorks III and create what you desire.
    The bold interface displays the entire set of
    helpful tools, and the navigation window
    lets you zoom in on specific areas while
    editing your design. Customize every
    detail, from the thread color to the fill
    stitch, while in zoom mode.

    Remember to review the design density and remove any hidden stitches in overlaps. When you’re ready for embroidery, move the traveling stitch with a quick click so all you see is the
    beautiful design you just created.

Personalize designs with specialty fills

  • Personalize every detail of your images and lettering, including the fill stitch! When picking a fill-stitch, choose from over 500 built-in options or customize your own! Specialty fills give designs a textured look or can be used for a reverse appliqué effect.

Quilt at the embroidery machine

  • To achieve consistent stitches, move your quilting to the embroidery machine. Add unique embellishment to quilt blocks by applying specialty fills to outline shapes. Even create your own quilt patterns! Arrange designs in a particular pattern or draw your own. Curves are just a few clicks away with one and three click curve abilities, and achieving an intricate ripple effect is as easy as clicking a button.

Create unique pattern arrangements

  • Embellish projects with fun pattern arrangements. With Scatter, a quick click randomly rearranges the designs on the design page. Click again for a different scattered arrangement.
    For a more controlled arrangement, create custom paths to fit designs in a circular, carousel pattern. Or, use Quick Copy to place duplicate designs exactly where you want them.

Create over 160 new lettering options

  • Add and customize lettering for embroidery. Choose from a variety of built-in fonts or convert your TrueType® fonts to increase your lettering options. Plus, you can create over 160 new lettering choices with modifiable fonts. Font options include: run outline, satin outline, appliqué, trapunto, spiral or default with run outline.

Add lettering with MasterWorks III
exclusive fonts

  • Curly fonts are all the rage, and MasterWorks III has added a few exclusive curly fonts to its collection including Boingo and Girly Appliqué. Exclusive running stitch fonts such as Art Deco and Licorice are also included. Only MasterWorks III offers these exquisite fonts.

Print design notes and patterns

  • Track design details with the Notes feature. This allows you to keep a memo of when and how you used designs, what thread colors work, and how you would like to change things next time. You can also create and print patterns for future use.

One design becomes a masterpiece

  • You can do a lot with one design. Create an original scattered pattern, copy the design on a custom path, or create a ripple effect on a quilt. One design can even be mirrored at different angles for a unique look. Plus, using the editing features you can also resize, rotate and flip designs.
    If you want to add another element, merging designs is easy!

Want to embroider now? Choose a quick pick!

  • Choose from over 80 Quick Pick, fully digitized designs to embellish your work, or use them as quick sew-outs. Merge Quick Picks with other designs and
    MasterWorks III will remove overlapped stitches from the layers.

Bold interface makes creating new designs easy

  • Home Tab - Find the features you'll use most often on the Home Tab. Apply stitches to artwork, add text, preview your design and more.

  • Tools Tab - Everything you need to make digitizing easy is in the Tools Tab. Find the four helpful MasterWorks Wizards, Custom Thread Palette and Recipe Creator here.

  • Modify Tab - Put the finishing touches on your design in the Modify Tab. Change the orientation of your artwork or design. Align your design with the embroidery hoop, sort thread colors and add project notes.

  • View Tab - In the View Tab, you can choose what you see while you create your designs. Use Ghost Mode to make editing of specific design sections easier.

  • Preferences Tab - Change your settings and calibrate your computer screen in the Preferences Tab.

Easy digitizing at your fingertips

  • Easily convert vector images to embroidery to create a
    custom library

  • View your digitized design in the Navigator Window and
    check design details before stitching

  • Embellish designs with over 500 different fill options or
    customized fills

  • Achieve a unique textured look with NEW loose line fill

  • Simplify outline creation with the single-click or three-click
    curve options

  • Hide traveling stitches by moving them to the side of your

Customize designs with editing tools

  • Improve design density by removing overlapped stitches
    from layered designs

  • Rearrange multiple designs or artwork on a page
    for a random scatter effect

  • Easily place designs where you want them with Quick Copy

  • Fit designs on custom paths including circular, carousel

  • Use over 80 Quick Pick, fully digitized designs as quick
    stitch outs or to adorn your own masterpiece

  • Assign fill stitches, colors and embellishment to 137 pre-drawn outline shapes

Add custom-lettering to every project

  • Add lettering to your embroidery with 148 beautiful
    built-in fonts

  • Convert your TrueType fonts to increase your selection

  • Modify 42 fonts with a variety of font options including:
    Run Outline, Satin Outline, Appliqué, Trapunto, Spiral
    and Default with run outline

Enhance your quilting with specialty features

  • Achieve a ripple effect around your design for intricate
    continuous quilting motifs

  • Mirror designs at different angles for original patterns

  • Apply specialty fills to outline shapes or use them for a
    fun masking effect on quilt blocks

  • See what designs look like as Sashiko motifs then create
    the Sashiko design

  • Easily create a pattern with your designs-choose the
    number of designs and spacing. Rotate, flip, or stagger
    designs for something different

Helpful Tools

  • Learn the ins and outs of your new software with the
    included Quick Start Guide

  • Print your designs before you sew

  • Spell check lettering

  • Perfect new techniques with Sew at Home online
    . Two classes included, each valued at $19.99

Included HoopWorks™ Software

  • Instantly split large embroidery designs to fit any hoop

  • Automatically align split designs to the best position for
    optimal sewing results

MasterWorks II & III Comparison

Download comparison chart in PDF

FEATURE MasterWorks III MasterWorks II
Multiple PC installation and use iKey  
Customer Experience
Improved User Interface Tabs and Custom Quick Access Toolbar Up to 600x
Zoom Tools for clearer viewing
Up to 600x, includes a zoom slider
Add Notes to a .BLF file  
Zip File Browsing  
Artwork Features  
# of Quick Picks (pre-digitized shapes) 81 shapes 49 shapes
Custom Shapes artwork
137 shapes
86 shapes
Export an Image of a design
Supports the bmp, jpg, png formats
Simplify artwork Smoothens rough artwork  
Digitizing Features  
Pen Tools NEW Click 1 curve, Click 3 curve, Pen, Bezier, Line Pen, Benzier, Line
Types of Fills NEW Loose Fill in addition to Standard, Fancy, Motif, Gradient, Color Blend, Wave, Wave Gradient, Wave color Blend, Applique, Cross Stitch, Auto-Stipple, Embossing Standard, Fancy, Motif, Gradient, Color Blend, Wave, Wave Gradient, Wave color Blend, Applique, Cross Stitch, Auto-Stipple, Embossing
Specialty Fill 8 built-in patterns
Traveling Route for underlay

Yes, along
Along edge and middle
Buttonholes 8 buttonholes including NEW double round end 7 buttonholes
Drop Run Stitch At Anchor, Chord Gap, None
Lettering Features  
Pre-Digitized Fonts 156 fonts - 23 monograms 128 fonts - 14 monograms
Outline Fonts 42 fonts 30 fonts
Outline Font Indicator Shown with a letter "o" in Fly Out Preview  
Editing/Layout Tools    
Hoop Splitting Designer's Gallery HoopWorks Software included  
Design on Path For Designs and Artwork  
Scatter For Designs and Artwork  
Carousel (Circular Copy) For Designs and Artwork  
Arrange For Designs and Artwork  
Mirror x 4 For Designs and Artwork  
Quilting Outline For Designs and Artwork  
Sashiko View For Designs and Artwork  
Snap to Grid  
Accents on an outline Brass, crystals, buttons, pearls, sequins, studs  

  • Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 32 or 64 bit operating systems

  • Genuine Intel Pentium 4, 2GHz PC computer (or higher) with a CD-ROM drive

  • XP operating system: 17” or 21” monitor with 1024 x 768 video resolution with 16 bit color display

  • Vista and Windows 7 operating system: 17” or 21” monitor with 1280 x 768 video resolution with 32 bit color display

  • 512 MB of RAM

  • Minimum1 GB Hard Drive Space

  • Mouse or compatible pointing device

.pec ----- .pes
.sew ----- .hus
.xxx ----- .exp
.shv ----- .gnc
.pcm ----- .art v. 1-6
.emb ----- .jef
.emb ----- .pcs
.dst ----- .vp3
.csd ----- .vip
.cnd ----- .jan