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Update for Embroideryworks Everyday, EmbroideryWorks Advanced and Creator Level 1, 2, and 3 - MAC

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Update for Embroideryworks Everyday, Embroidery Works Advanced and Creator Level 1, 2, and 3 Version 1.162- Added 10/28

Update for Embroideryworks Everyday, EmbroideryWorks Advanced and Creator Level 1, 2, and 3 -  MAC

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1.162 Update Includes

  • Improved Catalina compatibility

  • Improved display of .dst

  • More support of .xxx

  • Updated write for newer .studio format

Creator 3

  • Creator 3 users can now publish their own native fonts.

  • Creator 3 users can now select lettering designs.

Creator 2,3

  • The automatic foam underlay has now been connected with push compensation, to adjust the cap ends.

  • Inclines will now snap to the nearest outline point, even in overlapped areas, allowing better control.

Creator 1,2,3

  • A new 3-point Circular Arc drawing tool has been added.

  • A new Shapes tool has been added to make rectangles, with or without rounded corners, stars, ovals, even spirals.

  • Ctrl-d begins a new design.

  • Node type ‘Symmetric’ has been added to the list, Curve, Line, Cusp. Symmetric means the handles work like Curve, but also are the same length on either side.

  • Alt drag now does constrain on more items. Line nodes, for instance, will align vertically and/or horizontally to a previous or next point.

  • Alt also lets you draw inclines perfectly vertical or horizontal. Shift allows you to reposition an incline.

DG Platform Product: EmbroideryWorks, Creator, MonogramWorks

  • A new Notes tab is now connected to each design on the page, providing a way to annotate whatever is on your mind, and save it in the working (.BE) file.

  • From the Utility menu directly open the folder which contains your libraries, imported fonts, etc. This gives access to your fonts and motifs for the purpose of cleaning things out, or even copying from an old computer to a new one.

  • Commercial users now have additional Program Preferences, such as the DST ‘Return to origin’ command.

  • Better control of transits (handling of jumps between objects, letters.) You now can decide what jumps are for hand trimming and which are to nest as runs, with control over the lengths.

  • The new default lettering option is single-line mode. It’s used most often.

  • Lettering styles have been added, including Scaled Center and Sheared Up/Down.

  • Lettering orders have been adjusted to represent what more people do, including a couple options for hats.

  • When a lettering design is at 100% size, and the font is changed to a stitch-based font, the design will use that font at its as-digitized size.

  • The Thread Editor now has the ability to import .CSV files.

  • Ctrl-e will collapse the Object tree view, whereas Ctrl-Shift-E will Expand all items on it

  • Ctrl-d in Create mode will begin a new design.

  • The t key toggles the 3D view on/off.

  • Alt when sizing will scale objects keeping the center for each as they scale.

  • When stitches get edited on a native object, such as lettering, the object was converted to stitches in order to preserve the edits. Now, instead of changing the object type to stitches, the object type will remain, but stitch generation is disabled. A new command in select mode has been added: right click the edited object and choose Allow Regeneration.

  • The platform now reads and writes .PES v.11 files for the newest hoops including XP1/Solaris.

  • The platform now has a Utility menu entry to send the current design page to the XP1 / Solaris.

  • Stitch Editing new pop-up menu command for lettering designs: Convert to Stitches. Editing a Creator or Lettering design now simply puts delayed generation on, so that the edits can be removed and the original work restored. When editing, if no stitch is selected, but one is highlighted, the right-click commands will work on that stitch, making it easier to convert stitches that you can hover over, or navigate to using the arrow keys.

  • Templates have been updated – including Envelope, Namedrop and Baseline.