Crafty Duo Webinar: Birthday Bash

Thank you for attending the second Crafty Duo Webinar! We had a BLAST celebrating the birthday bash with you. Keep reading for project instructions and more!

Birthday Bash Treat Bag

Birthday Bash T-Shirt

Birthday Bash Banner

Many of our webinar attendees submitted some really great questions during the class. Since we couldn’t get to all of them, we have listed the questions asked along with their answers in a document for easy access.

Click here to download the questions and answers from the Crafty Duo Birthday Bash webinar!

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Craty Duo Webinar: Bachelorette Party

Thank you for attending the third Crafty Duo Webinar! We had so much fun during our virtual Bachelorette party. Keep reading for project instructions and more!

Designer's Gallery: Crafty Duo Webinar Bachelorette PartyBridal Tank Top

Designer's Gallery: Crafty Duo Webinar Bachelorette PartyHoneymoon Fund Piggy Bank

Designer's Gallery: Crafty Duo Webinar Bachelorette PartyBridal Ball Cap

Many of our webinar attendees submitted some really great questions during the class. Since we couldn’t get to all of them, we have listed the questions asked along with their answers in a document for easy access.

Click here to view the questions from the Carfty Duo Bachelorette Party Webinar!

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Crafty Duo Webinar: Mardi Gras Shindig Project Instructions

Thanks for attending our Mardi Gras Shindig! Below, you’ll find video and PDF instructions for the projects featured in the first Crafty Duo webinar.

Designer's Gallery: Mardi Gras Shindig Bead Me Shirt

Bead Me Shirt

Designer's Gallery: Mardi Gras Shindig Fleur de Lis & Mask Centerpiece

Fleur de Lis & Mask Centerpiece

Designer's Gallery: Mardi Gras Shindig Welcome Sign

Mardi Gras Welcome Sign

Many of our webinar attendees submitted some really great questions during the class. Since we couldn’t get to all of them, we have listed the questions asked along with their answers in a document for easy access.

Click here to download the Mardi Gras Shindig questions and answers.

As some of the attendees know, we were experiencing some unfortunate technical difficulties during the webinar. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we attempted to get the issues resolved. Fortunately, we will be addressing these issues at the beginning of the next webinar so that as many people as possible have a positive experience viewing the class.

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