Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary


Thank you to everyone who has donated snowflakes on behalf of the children of Sandy Hook  Elementary School and the community of Newtown. We know that each snowflake represents the emotional outreach of the person making it. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from around not just the country but the world. At this time, we have enough beautiful snowflakes to blanket the community of Newtown. Therefore, with regret we must close the snowflake project to further donations.

Read about other ways to help here.

Baby Lock, Designer’s Gallery Software and Amazing Designs have teamed up to offer FREE embroidery designs for anyone and everyone who would like to help in the Connecticut PTSA’s effort to transform the new Sandy Hook Elementary into a Winter Wonderland.

You are all so helpful, creative, and giving, so feel free to download one or all of the designs below! All complete snowflakes can be sent to the Connecticut PTSA (see address below).

The Connecticut PTSA has asked for snowflake donations, so gather your sewing and embroidery supplies, download a free embroidery design and join Baby Lock, Designer’s Gallery, and Amazing Designs in the quest to winterize Sandy Hook!

Embroidery Designs


Click here to download this 5×7 design from Designer’s Gallery Software.

*Please note that the design is in .pes format.




Click here to download this 4×4 design.

*Please note that the design is in .pes format.




Click here to download this 5×7 design.

*Please note that the design is in .pes format.




Click here to download this 4×4 design.

*Please note that the design is in .pes format.







These free standing lace embroidery designs are available for download on the Amazing Designs website. These motifs are part of the Fleur de Lace Collection designed by Mary Anne Griffin. These three designs can be downloaded in the following formats: .pes, .hus, .shv, .art, .jef, .shv, .vip, .blf, .dst, . exp, and .vp3

To create these freestanding embroidered snowflakes, follow these instructions.

Please mail complete snowflakes to the following address:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT  06514

Other Ways to Help

Do you have any good snowflake tutorials? Please share links in the comments. Thank you in advance for your help and support for the Newtown community!

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23 thoughts on “Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary

  1. Pingback: Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary | Amazing Designs Blog

  2. Thank you “sew” much for the gorgeous designs! I am glad to help with this very worthwhile project!

  3. Thanks alot for these 4 Snowflake Designs. I’ll try to get many done over the weekend , and in the mail as soon as possible .
    Praying all will bring “Smiles” to the children , and ease their pain of this terrible loss .
    God bless Baby Lock for donating these beauties.
    Libby P.

  4. Thank you for your generosity in providing the snowflakes for Sandy Hook. HAve a blessed Merry Christmas

  5. This is a great project that and I would love to participate. What is the due date for the snow flakes to be delivered?

  6. I could not get the first four to work on my Bernina. Do you have a format that would work for me?


  7. I would love to make an Angel quilt for you to hang up in the Elementary School in remembrance of those who were lost. Is it possible to send me a list of names? Each Angel would have a name of a child or teacher. Please separate the adults from the children for me. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
    SBSue in GA

  8. PLEASE NOTE THEY’VE ASKED FOLKS TO STOP and are trying to get that word out. They can’t warehouse, sort and use everything they’re getting. The local United Way Rep strongly suggests folks find those in need in their own community and make / give something for them, “Isabel Almeida with the local United Way, “while the town is grateful for all the support, Almeida said, it has no more room for those gifts”. Instead, she encouraged people to donate to others in memory of the Sandy Hook victims. “Send those teddy bears to a school in your community or an organization that serves low income children, who are in need this holiday season, and do it in memory of our children,” she said.”

  9. Those first four downloads are from the Designer’s Gallery Interactive, Christmas Traditions, and if anyone needs them in another format, just contact us at, thanks!

  10. Thank you very much for the lovely snowflakes. I’m brand new to this embroidery, having just taken my first class on Thursday. So I’m excited to practice some more with these pretty snowflakes.

  11. Just saw this … plan on making the snowflakes this w/e so as to get them mailed before January 12th. Thank you for such a great way to show our support.

  12. Thanks so much for the beautiful snowflake designs. I will get mine in the mail in a day or two.

  13. Thank you so much for the designs and the wonderful idea. I am most anxious to give some amount of pleasure to the devastated town. I think it is wonderful! Anxious to start right away. Tomorrow morning I am buying a ton of white thread! But for the Grace Of God, it could have been one of my children or grandchildren lost that day. How do you go on from a deep tragedy like this. May God Bless everyone who gives of themselves for someone else. That is the way it should be!!!
    From My Heart, Marge Lozowski-Simens

  14. I’d love to send some of these if you are still doing this. Let me know if I can still help.